Sanctions Don't Work With Tyrants

Denouncements, embargos, sanctions--They don’t work with tyrants. Sociopaths who come to see themselves and their offspring as demigods couldn’t care less what the world thinks of them or if their people are starving. They know how to shelter their wealth in foreign banks and investments so they can continue to live in luxury and retain their power. Should an arms embargo be imposed on them, they would have long before hedged their ability to obtain all the weapons of suppression they needed by establishing the right connections in the black market. Selling arms illegally to tyrants by surreptitious means is a major industry in developed nations. And the expectation that a hurting population will eventually rebel against their tyrant is illusory. On the contrary, the more a people are suppressed, the weaker they become. People reduced to scratching out a living from day to day have no time or energy left for rebellion.

History teaches that the only way to deal with tyrants is to let them be if they cause us no trouble, but if they do, to take them out as quickly and expediently as possible, as we did with Osama Bin Laden—in accordance with Nicollò Machiavelli’s real-politick advice to rulers in his 1532 classic, The Prince .

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