The Israel Albatross

Though they don’t seem to agree on anything, most American politicos and pundits of every persuasion are of one mind in claiming that support of Israel is vital to America’s national security. Some go as far as to mention America and Israel in the same breath, as if one is were an integral part of the other. Yet none bothers to explain how this tight relationship works to keep America safe. If anything, America’s diehard support of Israel, financially and militarily, fully one-third of her foreign aid, appears to be a major, if not the main, reason why the Islamic world has turned against America and Jihadists terrorists are girding up for replays of 9/11.

For all his talk about change, President Obama’s pro-Israel policy is right in line with Republican and Democratic predecessor harking back to the founding of Israel in 1948. Obviously, there is a rationale for this lopsided support of a foreign nation smaller in population and size than New Jersey, and with no natural resources to speak of. Whatever that rationale is, however, has been a well-guarded secret. But we American taxpayers, the ones footing the bill, are beginning to wonder, especially now that so many of us art struggling to make ends meet, what exactly is it that we are we getting in return for the billions of our hard-earned money lavished on Israel. Or should we refrain from bringing up the issue for fear of being branded Anti-Semitic?

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