They're not Sick. They're Evil.

They who deem themselves morally correct argue that individuals prone to violence cannot be held accountable for their actions because they don’t know what they are doing. As with any sick person, they should be treated and cured, not punished.

Those good folks fail to consider that only a minute fraction of the mentally-disturbed, outright psychotics even, are violent. Some perfectly sane individuals, on the other hand--hired assassins, gung-ho mercenaries, and such--kill without compunction. It would appear, then, that the proclivity for violence is not a function of insanity or sanity. Nor does environment seem to be a factor. Some individuals, obviously, are born killers.

Psychologists and psychiatrists might be able to diagnose a mental illness (actually any lay person can tell in five minutes if someone is mentally unstable)and couch their findings in scientific jargon. After all, that's their livelihood. But do they command the science to treat and cure the mentally ill? Is there any hard evidence that they have ever cured anyone, much less a born killer?

I, for one, hold that for the good of society, the violence-prone, insane or otherwise, should be incarcerated for life, or executed, as the law allows. The trade-off should not be hard to accept: Better to make life safe for innocent people at large than to worry about the rights of a few individuals bereft of a normal conscience. If someone, sane or not, broke into my house to harm my family and I had a gun handy, I would shoot first and mull the moral issue and legal consequences later. I thank our Founding Fathers for our Second Amendment rights.

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