The Hard Facts Supermarket

Laissez Faire capitalists ground their views on hard facts. Communists likewise ground their views on hard facts. Republicans and Democrats idealists, religious skeptics and believers, the pious and the atheist, the law-abiding and the crooked, the moral and the immoral, libertines and prudes, war mongers and pacifists, bigots, humanitarians, patriots, fanatics, nihilists, environmentalists, the dreamers and realists-—Whatever it is we believe in and swear by can be readily grounded on hard, incontrovertible, time tested facts supported by theologies, legal systems, constitutions, newspapers, TV and radio talk shows, Internet blogs and legion other sources and combinations thereof stocked in the shelves of History's Hard-Facts Supermarket. There exists no market, however, for linking the facts together so that that, as a whole, they ring true. That kind of wisdom is beyond human reach, yet strive to achieve it, at least in some measure, we must, lest the sheer volume of disconnected hard facts plunge us back into the chaos from which religions and mythologies say we came.

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