The Dump Obama Tea Party Agenda

Tea Party extremists whose primary goal is to make the “socialist, non-American” Barack Obama a one-term President are actually doing the exact opposite. The more they rabble-rouse and trumpet their ignorance under the guise of patriotism, the more they will alienate middle-of-the road independents, the critical thinkers, who, in the final analysis, will be the voters who will determine the winner in the 2012 Presidential election. Indeed, the cleverest countermove that Obama supporters could make is to donate to the campaign funds of Tea Partier Michele Bachmann and others of her ilk. This would be a more effective and far less costly way to promote Obama than the usual prime-time TV ads. -- By the way, have any of those folks shown waving copies of the U.S. Constitution at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference actually read the document through? And if some have, did they understand it?

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