For the Latest Wisdom, Read the Old Classics

Do you suspect that are being scammed, manipulated and lied to by the President, Congress, The Supreme Court, Federal Bureaucrats, The IRS, Homeland Security, the Pentagon, state and local officials, talk show hosts, talk show guests, televangelists, mainstream religious leaders, Tea Party advocates, ACORN, environmentalists, oil companies, Fox News, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR Radio, Wall Street financiers, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, media-attached bloggers, foreign correspondents, TV and radio commercials, insurance companies, nutritionists, psychologists, economists, bankers, attorneys, capitalists, socialists, money managers, money lenders, stockbrokers, and authorities of all persuasion and stripes?

Well, you are probably right. There is good reason to suspect that many of the above are in the business of getting your vote and, or, relieving you of your hard-earned money. So where can you turn for reliable, unbiased information? One source could be the Comments section of blogs and on-line newspapers and TV channels that that allow them, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, among others. Though some of those comments are far from brilliant, not to say downright, others tend to expand on or provide an original slant on the issue at hand. But here, too, there is reason to suspect that some of those comments, like some Op Ed letters to newspapers, are submitted by paid free-lancers working for some interest group.

Your best bet is to turn the Classics. Every major problem plaguing our nation and the world today—war, unemployment, crime, corruption, poverty, tyranny, you name it--is as old as humankind. And so is every moral failing— wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, the seven deadly sins, among many others. Sages throughout recorded history have analyzed all these social and personal issues from every possible angle and bequeathed their findings to us free of charge. True, there were as many frauds back then as there are now, but those have rightly fallen into oblivion. The Classics of sages that have survived the test of time can be relied on for reliable, relevant information and sound advice. This Blogger’s favorites Classics are listed on his Profile link. You no doubt would have others. There are more than enough Classics to draw wisdom from and keep you engaged for a lifetime.

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