American Justice Again the Loser

That the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial got sidetracked with legal trivialities and lost sight of justice was to be expected. There is a reason why defense lawyers select the most gullible, swayable, undiscerning, unintelligent jurors possible.

As stated in the Original Constitution—Bill of Rights, Amendment 6, defendants are guaranteed a free and speed trial by an impartial jury, not by a jury of one’s peers, as defense lawyers and liberal judges have since perverted that right. The kind of impartial jury the Founding Fathers had in mind was not one randomly made up of average folks like our neighbors down the street. Rather, it was to be judiciously selected from the better-informed, if not educated, and fair-minded members of the community, an English Common Law practice harking back to the 12th century. Unless our courts get back in line with the tradition of jury selection as understood by the Founding Fathers, travesties like the Casey Anthony, O’J. Simpson, Al Capone and other hyped-up murder trials—the list is long—will continue to make a mockery of American criminal law.

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