Our All-American Chicken Hawks

On the nightly Fox New “Panel” program on Fox News, executive ditor Fred Barnes, political activist Liz Cheney and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, unanimously held that the U.S. must not only maintain a military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, but should also destroy Iran’s nuclear facility, depose Syria’s Assad as well, and in the process, take the world to the brink of World War III. None of the panelist, however,had ever served in the military, much less witnessed the horrors of war.

Particularly grating was Liz Chaney’s argument that the U.S. Military must stay the course that the troops killed in battle did not die in vain. How long this staying the course would go on, she did not say, but common sense alone would indicate that the more troops killed, the more staying required, until the nation ran out of soldiers. Her reasoning being particularly grating, because her father Dick, former Vice President under George W. Bush, wrangled a deferment from serving in Vietnam, claiming he had “better things to do. President Bush himself avoided the war by securing, through his family influence, a safe commission in the Texas National Guard.

And much the same holds true for media celebrities like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity. Gung-ho on war, but leaving it to lesser types to do the dying and killing--our All-American Chicken Hawks.

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