False Risk Takers

Big-time corporate executives have perpetrated the myth that the multimillion dollar bonuses they rake in are due compensation for the extraordinary risks they take. Actually, they take not risks at all. To begin with, they money they risk is not their money. It’s their shareholder’s money. And even when they fail to turn a profit; even when they bring their companies to ruin, they still rake in their mega bonuses. And should their companies happen to be “too big to fail,” the Federal Government, i.e. we, the U.S. taxpayers, bails them out. Small shop owners on Main Street who rely on bank loans and their own lifesavings to keep their businesses afloat are the ones who take the real risks. What the fat-cats on Wall Street really do is gamble with other people’s money, and because the politicos in their pockets see to it that laws are passed to cover their gambling losses, the fat cats never lose. The just get fatter and fatter. Legalized thievery, not risk-taking, is the correct term for it.

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