The Ever-Growing Bull Sh * t Mound

We have always been misled, duped and lied to. Nothing unusual about that. What’s remarkable is that since the turn of this century, the bull sh*t has been piling up so thick that it has become increasingly difficult to sift it from the truth. Below is a partial list. Note the contradictions.

The U.S. Constitution champions limited government, free market capitalism, and strong family values.

The U.S. Constitution champions a strong central government, an equable distribution of wealth, human rights, and social welfare.

The original Constitution established a one-man-one vote democracy.

The Constitution empowers the President to declare war, raise or lower taxes and control the economy.

The Declaration of Independence is a legally-binding document.

The “Creator” mentioned in the Declaration of Independence is synonymous with “The Lord” of modern-day Evangelicals.

The Founding Fathers were all devout Christians.

The motto “in God we trust” harks back to the Revolutionary War.

Religious leaders have a direct line of communication with the Almighty.

The Lord and I converse with each other. I know exactly what He expects from me and how His mind works; and He knows what I want and gives it to me for the asking.

If you tithe generously to your church, you will be recompensed tenfold.

Barack Obama is a born-again Christian.

Abortion is strictly prohibited in the Scriptures.

Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of The Lord.

Our relgion is the true religion. All others are superstions.

The underlying theme in the Bible is peace and brotherly love.

We don’t torture our political prisoners or send them to countries that allow torture.

Waterboarding is not real torture.

People who opposed the war in Iraq and Afghanistan did so because they hated George Bush

We are in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for democracy, freedom, justice and women’s rights.

Our boys are over there building hospitals and schools.

The Bush- Obama Surge has brought stability to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now that elections were held and parliaments formed, Iraq and Afghanistan are well on the way to becoming full-fledged democracies.

Afghans farmers have abandoned their poppy cash crop and are now earning a good living raising tomatoes.

Our CIA had no clue where Osama Bin Laden was hiding.

We are winning the war on terror.

We are winning the war on drugs.

Smoking pot invariable leads to hard-drugs addition.

There is no recession in America, only a temporary correction.

The big Wall Street players--Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Countrywide—were not really responsible for the financial meltdown of 2008. The culprit was big government.

America is the envy of the world. Everyone wants to be like us.

The automobile and all other great inventions have come from America.

Our health care system is the best in world.

Americans enjoy the highest standard of living in the world.

America is a culturally diverse but strongly united nation.

Government regulations impacting on our personal lives are made by caring experts who know what’s best for us. They are rightly committed to save us from ourselves.

The solution to most problems is to turn them over to the private sector.

Cutting taxes for the rich induces them to invest in businesses, create jobs and grow the economy.

Reaganomics ushered in an era of prosperity.

Ronald Reagan brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Curtailing the power of teacher unions diminishes the quality of public school education.

Labor unions have undermined the American economy.

Illegal immigrants by definition are all criminals.

Terrorist posing as illegal immigrants are pouring into the country.

Hundreds of thousands of non-citizens have been issued false registration cards and paid to vote in key elections.

Barack Obama’s race was not a factor in the 2008 presidential election.

Israel is the bastion of peace and sanity in the Middle East. We are morally and politically bound to defend her at whatever cost.

Columbia is no longer involved in the drug trade.

Legality and Illegality are synonymous with right and wrong.

Adam Smith was a dog-eat-dog laissez faire economist.

Friedrich Nietzsche was an atheist.

Ayn Rand was a precursor of the Tea Party movement.

Karl Marx hated America.

Socialism and Marxism are the same thing.

Psychology is an exact science. It has developed therapies that can correct undesirable behavior and cure mental illnesses.

Juvenile offenders cannot be held accountable because their brains are too immature to distinguish right from wrong

There’s no such thing as evil.

All people are created equal therefore all are equally capable and intelligent. Stupidity is a meaningless word.

A college diploma is the only key to success.

An education from an Ivy league institution is in every way superior to one from a state university.

Liberals are enlightened humanitarians; conservatives, simple-minded bigots.

Conservatives are realistic doers; liberals misguided fools.

And as we speak the bull sh*t keeps piling up higher and thicker.

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