Jon Huntsman for President

Problem with the cast of Republican candidates for President is that they are running for leader of a United States that no longer exists. They do not seem to understand that the next President will need to don the mantle of statesman in the free world. The prudish, priggish, provincial social conservative platforms of Rick Santorum, Michel Bachmann and others of their ilk are in today’s global scenario totally irrelevant. The only candidate in the offing, Republican or Democrat, who fits the bill of world statesman is Jon Huntsman. As ambassador to China, he not only has witnessed first-hand the inner workings of our main creditor and upcoming superpower, but also has learned to speak their official Mandarin language. His opting out as a Presidential candidate was a major loss to our Nation. His appeal to independent swing voters would have surged on the merit of his message alone. alone.

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