Our Ubiquitous, All-Knowing, Multi-Tasking Lord

At the same time, at the very same instant probably, that The Lord was telling President George Bush to invade Afghanistan, He was telling Christian Zionists Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell to raise funds for Israel. He was also, at the same time, telling my drywall man to quit his job and start a church; a Pentecostal preacher across town to ask his congregation to double their tithing; a chronically unemployed neighbor to invest in a new suit and go looking for a steady job; an arthritis suffer to consult a certain faith healer featured on national television—and all the while The Lord was dispensing instruction and advice to thousands, millions, of individual believers simultaneously all over the World, He was able keep the machinery of the entire Universe running without a glitch--proof definitive, I suppose, that The Lord does exists and is omnipotent.

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