Closing Guantanamo

Why the fear of closing the Guantanamo Detention Center and transferring its detainees to prisons on U.S. soil? Because the Jihadist terrorists detained there are far more dangerous than the worst of our home-grown criminals? Because they might sway fellow inmates by the thousands to join their cause? Because some or all en masse are likely to escape, regroup, take over law-abiding Muslim communities and terrorize the nation from within? Such fears, whether justified or not, could be easily precluded by sending each individual detainee to a separate prison. There are in the U.S. some 800 prisons—Federal, State, and private—and only 445 Gitmo detainees. With the group broken up and dispersed from Florida to Alaska, devoid of their mutual support, the Jihadists, however fanatical, would be rendered harmless. Why our leaders have not considered this simple solution makes no sense—Unless they are deliberately keeping us in the dark for some political reason, as it’s so often the case.

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