What Exactly Are Our Vital Interests in Afghanistan?

Why don’t our leaders declare the killing of Osama Bin Laden a victory, mission accomplished, and bring our troops home? Because the nation has strategic, diplomatic, humanitarian, economic and other vital interests in that part of the world. Or so we are told by President Barack Obama, his staff, the CIA, half the U.S. Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, and most government advisors and grey eminences behind the scenes.

Well, they are, after all, the experts, the ones privy to the information, so they must know what they are talking about. Yet we the people, the toiling caste that pays their salaries and is footing the trillion plus dollars bill have the right to ask what, exactly, those vital interests are, and, specifically, how they impact on our economic situation here at home? Are they helping us? Hurting us? Neither?

Are you listening, Mr. Obama and company? More hard facts and less vague rhetoric, please.

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