Republicans Bettter Heed Karl Rove's Counsel

Call him an unprincipled dirty-tricks meister, a right-wing hatchet man, he’s all that for sure, but it cannot be denied that Karl Rove is one savvy political animal, and that as such he clearly sees that if the Republican party does not disassociate itself from Tea Party extremists, most independent swing voters will be so turned off by Republicans, that come the 2012 Presidential election they will opt to re-elect Obama, even if they don’t particularly like him.
Recall that it was Rove who guarded George Bush’s Presidential image by advising his boss to keep his Evangelical bent in check, like when Bush in 2005 wanted to nominate his friend Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court because she was a Born-Again Christian.
As it happened with the conservative Heritage Foundation when they accepted talk-show entertainers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as distinguished members, the Republican Party made a pact with the devil when it allowed its ignorant, fanatical fringe to take center stage. Now the party true leaders have to fight to regain their rightful status, and not by playing nice, but by vigorously denouncing the usurpers. Otherwise, Republicans will not only lose the Presidential election in 2012, but their majority in the house, seats in the Senate, governorships, state legislatures, county commissions, city councils, and school boards as well.

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