Turn the Other Cheek Cowardice

(Excerpt from The Vigilante's Wraith, a mystery novel by the Blog's author.)

To a devout Christian who reproached his vengeful streak and lectured him on the lofty virtue of turning the other cheek, The Vigilante wrote. "Sir, I too have read the Scriptures and find little in them to substantiate your views. Turning the other cheek to a neighbor who lashed out at you because he had a bad day, or to some envious colleague who spoke ill of you behind your back, may be the Christian thing to do. But turning the other cheek to a dangerous criminal for fear that he’ll harm you, and knowing full well that he’ll go on preying on innocent people if you don’t stop him, is cowardice, pure and simple. Note how nearly every hero in the Old Testament—-Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Elijah--was not inclined to turn the other cheek when the occasion called for righteous retribution. All had blood on their hands. Note further that aside a few instances of natural disasters, like the Great Flood, God administered his divine justice through human agents. ‘There’s a time to heal and a time to kill,’ so says the Good Book. (Ecclesiastes 3.13). And would Jesus have stood by smilingly benignly while a woman was being raped or a child abused? And didn’t he physically eject the money changers from the Temple with a whip, fashioned with his own hands, no less? (John 2.15) Give it some thought, Brother."

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